Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Response to A Note IN Authentic Beauty

Nard handed me the book Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy with a note which you can read here. He started with poetry and through poetry I will also express my heart:

Yes on My 29th on March 9

You gave me nine reasons for yes, hesitations also amount to nine
Let me put first the eleven years of friendship from the Divine
If things won't work out what will happen to that
Fear to lose this friendship envelopes my heart

Next reason is just my foolishness plus a pride
Thinking of my own words that affirm my friends there's no feeling inside
Will a nod silence their question if we are tied
Or will this bring further questions beyond my mind

I am not into a perfect family; you know our struggles too
My obligation holds me; you know that's true
You have been with me through it all
Too much shoulder you have offered; will I ask for more

In addition to that I have given you lots of cares
For financial stability is always my prayer
Again, you have bear them all with me
Can I, again, involve you into a greater degree

Let us add to the list this frail body I have
For you know my health is not in good tide
This puts me to another worry
Can I then be the perfect complementary

I know you since we are about five or six
If familiarity is one of the criteria that would fix
Yet this area of courtship is very unfamiliar to me
Though many think I know a lot about this LCM bee

I am not a perfect person; still sinner inside
I fear the whole of me especially if self is not denied
If that happens I am pushed to this last hesitation
Could I be an effective partner in your Single Passion

Lots of what ifs and why's fill my mind
I could have nine reasons to say "No" to thine
But when you assured that God's grace will suffice
Then my heart with you in His hands I entrust

In any way I can serve Him more, there I'll be
If that means with you then I won't flee
May God be gracious as He always is
In this new path I take as I told you "Yes"


joannah_lomboy said...

nikikilig naman ako... wow talaga... Hmmm, like Ive posted in guru's blog- i will again write, MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH AS YOU ENTER ANOTHER JOURNEY IN LIFE (COURTSHIP) GOD HAS PLANS! BEAUTIFULLLLL PLANS! ^__________ ^

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