Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Can Pay Never At All

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       Last February 15, Binmaley United Methodist Youth Fellowship had a Love Fellowship. The young people sang parodies and I am honored (as well as forced) to write one for them. Thank GOD for His guidance and grace. Below is my parody of Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All".

It's amazing how You
Can break through my hard heart
With Your powerful Word
You take me out of the dark
This I accept I cannot comprehend
How Your grace saves and new life it brings

The works of Your grace
Let me know that You save me
There's the Truth who is Christ
Saying works never save me
The blood of the Son poured to save and to redeem the fall
You did it all; I can pay never at all

All along sins I bear
To my self I am bound
When my heart feels the fear
In Your arms I am found
I can not say why to me You are kind
What You did so in Your sight I'm fine

The works of Your grace
The Truth who is Christ
The blood of Your Son
Always show that You save me

Copyright His Beloved 2011.