Friday, April 1, 2011

My Day: April Fool's Day

I planned to post a blog here today because last year, I posted a topic about women who are considered fools by this world. I am about to have a part II of that post; however, God has planned another topic - an unusual way of showing me that today should be really my is because April 1 is considered a Fool's Day, this is then my day... How can I say so? Here is the story....

Thursday night, I had a talk with my mother and I learned that the financial crises we have is more than I expected. But instead of feeling the problem, I thanked God for that conversation because He let me see the other side of my mother which I, most of the time, misunderstood.

That night my prayer is very different. Whenever a problem is there, I always cry before the Lord and seeing things as if everything is really hopeless. This night is very different. There is a work from the Divine, a work I couldn’t explain but I know that His comfort and His love enveloped my heart. My prayers were not about our problems but about His sovereignty. My heart was very at peace infront of Him. I prayed that He knows my needs, He knows where and how those needs will be met.
'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
and to take him at his word;
just to rest upon his promise,
and to know, "Thus saith the Lord." (Louisa M. R. Stead)
What happened today is very unusual. I went to school to finish my clearance. After doing so, I was told to go to the Human Resource Department of our school. I was handed a memo stating that my contract will not be renewed this coming June. I was somehow shocked and all that I could asked was, “On what reason?” I was told that it has been four years that I am in the school and yet I have not finished my Masteral Degree yet. Ma’am Zeny was teary eyed as she was telling me that. She kept on telling me that she knows I am a Christian and that I am strong enough to face this trial. She said more things to encourage me but there is something more that shouts louder within me. This is the answer for my prayer, Lord, isn’t it?

I managed to go to our Department Head who told me more words of encouragement. I told one of my close co-instructor Jawe and she cried and cried. Many thought I have the poise to control my emotions; some told me I am so strong facing that news. They don’t know what happened last night.

I don’t know where – the place of my new work, the source of our income. Yet, one thing I know, this time it will not be from CdD. God knows it is not through CdD. I don’t know what awaits my future but I am not afraid; the One who created the heavens and the earth never fails to uphold me. In the past He never left me; in my present, He is always there and so in my future, I know He is there.

This may be foolishness but His grace increases all the more whenever things are so blurry and yet I confidently say and even sing:
Jesus, Jesus, how I trust him!
How I've proved him o'er and o'er!
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
O for grace to trust him more! (Louisa M. R. Stead)

Copyright His Beloved 2011.