Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Prayer of Love and Submission

The poem below was composed by my niece, Micah Rosario-Tarlit. I'm too blessed with how God molds her heart to fully surrender to the will of God and joyfully serve our Lord in her singleness. She is just young yet God has taught her to guide her future Godsend through her prayers. She is a pastors' kid (both parents are pastors and her mother was my first VBS teacher) and I thank God she grows up in a family that serves God. She is our maid-of-honor in our wedding and she is currently taking A. B. Mass Comm (my course also in college) in SLU.

My heart was moved with praises to God as I read her note just last night (though I was tagged February 14, I don't know why I was not notified) and I decided to let more people read her poem and be blessed. So with her permission, her poem will be my guest blog post.

This was originally posted on her facebook note dated February 14, 2013.
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They say that today is a "Happy Hearts' Day!"  But I believe that everyday is a love-filled day when You know the Greatest Lover of all time, when you believe on what He has done in the Cross , and when You let this Lover be the center of your life! ^_^ Ngunit alam ko Ama, na kung ipapahintulot Mo, ay darating din ang tamang panahon at tamang lalaking magmamahal sa iyong prinsesa (can't believe I'm writing this..hehe) . Dalangin ko'y manguna Ka kahit sa aspetong ito ng aking buhay:') 

A Prayer of Love and Submission
By: Micah Rosario Tarlit
August 27, 2012 and February 13, 2013 ^_^

( Lord,  I wanna bring You glory:’) )

I’m amazed by everything You are, my Wonderful Creator
Your daughter is a masterpiece of Your immeasurable majesty and splendor
Throughout time my King taught me to love Him above all and above anything else
Now my ultimate prayer is to let Your Supremacy reflect in every aspect of my life at best.

Lord I love You, You know I thankfully and faithfully do
And in all I am I want glory be solely unto You
By Thy grace, may Your perfect plans be fulfilled in every area of my life
Be the Loving Author of my love story, for the pen is Yours and not mine

My godsend You’ve already chosen for Your beloved even before time began
And I can’t help but to smile at the thought of it when in Your presence we’ll together stand.
In this season of waiting I want my singleness to be used purposely for the Greatest Lover
And faithfully pray for my godsend, for above it all, I know He’s holding it all together.

May the right one come in Your perfect time.
May he truly have You in His heart as his one and only God.
May He long to glorify You always.
May He learn to always seek Your face.

May he patiently wait for Your perfect season of courtship,
Of engagement, marriage, and every season will be a season of worship.
For I long to see myself and my godsend serving You as one
Christ be magnified as we help each other in the spiritual run.

I may not know who exactly he is at the moment,
His exact looks, voice, or maybe his achievement
But what really matters is his deep faith and real relationship
With the One Who’s solely glorified in this love story written and fulfilled under His Lordship.

I perceive it’s not enough to pray just for him
So I pray for myself as his future bride to purposely wait and hate sin
For I want this season of waiting to be God- glorifying still,
I desire to honor my First Love and I long to follow His perfect Will.

I pray for the both of us now, and I hope he’s constantly praying too
That everything will be Christ- centered before and after we say “I do.”
I faithfully and expectantly pray that one day you’ll draw us together as we draw closer to You,
Knowing that we’re nothing without You, guide us Oh Lord as together we humbly submit it all to You.

I’m more than blessed to be the Greatest Lover’s daughter
My every inch, fearfully and wonderfully made, to Him I fully surrender
So here in Your presence I pray to be the biblical woman You want me to be
My Savior Jesus be reflected and magnified in this love story I’m longing to see.

In Jesus Christ’s precious and mighty Name…Amen.


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