Sunday, March 31, 2013

Because God's Love Overflows...

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It was just last night, between 8:10 to 8:20. We were on our way home; my husband who was driving the motorcycle was about to turn left to Padilla Street when a fast tricycle just suddenly bumped into us. Bernard managed to control the motorcycle after the first impact. But I just closed my eyes and hugged my husband when I knew we would fall. Then I heard sounds. I silently uttered a prayer. Though I haven’t opened my eyes yet, I knew we didn't just fall, we were being dragged by the motorcycle.

I opened my eyes when I heard my husband’s voice calling me. Dragging has stopped. I looked up to find the tricycle, I saw it. Then I heard lots of “Hoy” from the crowd. Just in a split of seconds, it was very clear in my memory when the driver accelerated the gas and drove fast. Concern people especially those on motorcycles chased them. I don’t know what happened there. My husband and I got up. People were crowding us. A helpful POSO man informed us what to do.

Then some of the bikers told us that the tricycle driver and his company who were all under the spirit of liquor were now with the police. God provided that there was a checkpoint along M. P. Posadas Avenue that night. Then my father suddenly showed up and our Ninong Felimon Erguiza together with his children Jerome and Ana. Bernard’s relatives were also there.

We were then assisted to the police station to report the incident and blotter the driver. I couldn’t describe how I felt that night. I got angry when those people who were supposed to be sorry for what they did were the ones blaming us and doing murmurs. Moreover, if looks could kill, my husband and I would be dead on-the-spot.

When I saw how angry my father was, I was pacified somehow. My brother Don was also there with us. My anger totally cooled down when I felt the concern from the loving presence of Pastor David and Manang Gladdy Mancilla, Edwin Austria, and text messages from treasured friends and loved ones. They even followed us when we were brought to the City Health Center for medical check-up. And when we returned to the police station, our beloved Ninang Ana Susan Flor Erguiza was there.

I must admit; however, that annoyance easily enveloped me whenever I heard again some thrash talks from the driver’s friends. He himself even lectured us on how that incident was supposed to be our fault. He was not sorry I said and I was determined to indeed give him the lesson. I can’t control my anger but thank GOD I was able to control my tongue that night. I knew my husband’s temper also but GOD’s grace is so evident in him that he, too, was able to stay calm and patient.

The driver’s father came in to the room where we were having the dialogue with the driver and God’s providence that the policeman mediating was our high school classmate, Edwin Miranda. Bernard and I looked at each other for the father reminded us of Tatay Ben. The humble father did nothing but to plead for his arrogant and proud son.

To shorten my story, estimated (with grace) amount of damages plus our medicines for one week cost PhP 3, 700. The driver went out of the room to see his friends and relatives outside and came back telling us that they don’t have such amount that night and he was willing to be detained there for 12 hours.

He was put inside the cell. My husband was bothered for reasons I don’t know at first. He then asked to call the driver’s father and his friends outside to go near the cell. I didn't know his plan at that time. He suddenly said that he is not a perfect person but Jesus Christ changed him and showed his love to him. My husband said he was a pastor and he wanted/prayed that they too may come to feel and know Jesus. He prayed for them. I knew that the Holy Spirit was working; God’s love was overflowing into our hearts and I wasn't surprised when my husband said that he would not be receiving any amount from the driver despite our health and the motorcycle’s conditions. Shock registered into their faces; the driver’s father cried. For the first time since our meeting that night, the driver and his friends who were very arrogant before were very humble and kept on thanking us. My husband made it clear that he couldn't do such actions if not because of GOD and His unconditional love and grace. He then told the driver not to waste our sacrifice. Uncle Imon and Manang Anie, I’m sure, felt that God’s workings too.

It is our prayer that GOD’s salvation be upon them. And as for my husband, I am too blessed to have a man like him. As we were driving back home on our not-so-good motorcycle, Bernard was telling me that his actions didn't mean he was not concern with what happened to us, especially to me. I told him that I know he loves GOD more than me…and that is the very reason why I love him so…

To GOD alone be the glory!


Jezreel Casipit said...

God's grace and love is indeed overflowing despite the incident. I would have done otherwise if it happened to me. This will surely be a reminder that we are different from those who dont believe. We love God and so them too we must love. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

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