Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Beloved BERNARD Turns 30

Blessed I am when I met you
At that time His plan for us I don't know
We simply sat during VCS and sang "The B-I-B-L-E"
Who would expect we share even songs of Lecrae

Elementary years we were cat and dog
We can't sit together otherwise World War II
Now we laughed at those crazy days
Especially that event in Ma'am Nelly's place

"Rah for dear SEPNAS" - our next home
On our third year, suddenly -- BOOM!
Changed in hearts, changed in relationship
Thanks to CHRIST, in Him we found our friendship

New interests, new goals - everything was changed
Oh what a magnificent Love into our hearts overflowed
With you I have a bestfriend, a father, a discipler - I am blessed
Working together in His vineyard, His Name is forever praised

A bunch of memories we shared in UP Baguio
Many people asked if we you were my boyfriend and I got tired of answering no
Who would have believe the bond we have; you are more than a brother to me
A bond that desires nothing else that the exaltation of God's glory

Relationship now becomes much sweeter
For CHRIST reveals that you are my GODsend ever
I'm pretty sure you will tease me of that moment on March 9
When chao fan was not eaten because of throbbing heart of mine

Days passed by so quickly; two months after our awaited June 30
I still can't help to marvel and stand in awe of God's display of His majesty
You are now thirty, I hope to renew that vow with you after twenty years
But I wonder if we can still do the Sunset Bay adventures

Copyright His Beloved 2011.