Saturday, June 18, 2011

For My Father on Father's Day 2011

If I will recall my childhood memories now
They are filled with all your answers to my "how"
When the spelling of "sugar" I do not know
You did not mock me when "shoegar" written on my paper I did show

Little by little you taught me not just in spelling words
For you even involved me in your electrical and mechanical works
As lots of curiosity enveloped that little girl of yours
You patiently answered as waves never got tired visiting the shores

How I appreciate you in knowing my likes when buying toys for me
'Cause You never bothered to buy me doll house and dolls like Barbie
Instead you bought me sewing machine and that tool kit which are tiny
Let us add the cooking pots and utensils I used when portraying the cooking mommy

You were the one who taught me to love reading books and magazines
Observing your passion in collecting and reading I know there is that treasuring
And so I tried to finish my "365 Bible stories" book when I was only ten
It started with just imitation; now benefits are realized then

I was the only one who had suffered much from your disciplinary hands
And I would never regret that; I thank God I am given that chance
Your authority I admired much more; those disciplines kept the bonds
'Cause I know I have a father for I can feel his loving hands

Those days and memories may have been so much different today
Yet their lasting effects may I be able to explain and don't find it corny
What I was before when I was the papa's girl helped me much to know my Father in heaven
You taught me domesticity, discipline and reading I now find helpful in serving the brethren

You installed in me to be critical and to believe on things I have proven true
I am not easily swayed now and before until Christ has penetrated me through
Thank you for all those trainings and knowledge that prepared me so
It is my prayer that this Christ I found may also be found by you

For this once little girl of yours long to grow with you again
This time together in knowing and treasuring God for eternal gain
How I wish I could share the joy whenever I see you in your pain
I have no more wish, no more pray'r than be with you in heav'n

I could not offer you wealth to repay the hardships you have dealt
I could not give you the luxury to recompense the pains you have felt
May this heartfelt "Thank you" this Father's Day kiss your heart
And may through this poem I can tell the message I pray for you always
Copyright His Beloved 2011.