Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Than I Ever Prayed

( This is a parody of "More Than You'll Ever Know" by Michael Ruff)

Trust His hand

It'll take a while, we know not why
Trust His time, His wisdom knows better

He's the One
Who gives me you very timely
You are the gift, my long awaited beloved

I am blessed, more that I ever prayed
I am blessed, more than I ever longed
More than my heart could ever want
I am blessed, more that I ever prayed

Thank to Him
I know that He's holding us through
We'll always be lifting His Name together

With every pray'r
Our hearts be united in single passion
Glorifying Him forever

(Repeat Chorus)

Take my hand
I'll complement, I'll pray with you
With His love, always I'll be there for you

He's the One
He knows more than I ever prayed
You are the one He prepared for His beloved

(Repeat Chorus)

This is the very first time I made a parody. Bear with me, I'm not a parody writer but I wanna make something I don't usually do for my beloved Best ^_^ There are some problems with the video below, I just need its melody.

Copyright His Beloved 2011.