Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Beloved Mama

God says that all things work together
For the good of those who love Him
Having been borne and molded by Nida Posadas Manuel
Therefore; is part of His molding and working in Anna Manelle

She has been my life's great challenger and teacher
She is unique in her ways of raising me
She knows me well of my learning styles
So she taught me how to read and write in ways I could learn better

Thanks to my mom whose hands are always busy
I got curious that washing the dishes and doing the laundry
Made her satisfied and so much happy
So at an early age I learned to love domesticity

She is not good in fixing my hair
Nor in wrapping my gifts and covering my books
But those are still blessings in disguise
So I could learn them on my own

She has strengths I seldom see in a woman
People love to bring her along; she excels in interpersonal communication
That's why when I do bad things
She knows well how to penetrate guilt in my heart

There are more things I wanted the world to know
Yet words aren't enough to mention her works
So I simply thank God she is my mother
And may this simple poem express my thanks to her
Copyright His Beloved 2011.